Boiler Installation in Hitchin

New boiler installation

A new boiler installation is one of those things that happen only a handful of time, if you’re lucky. However, central heating systems are like anything else; they get older, parts wear out and they may need repairing to ensure they are working and operating correctly or replacing if they are beyond economical repair.

Occasionally, even relatively new boilers can break or wear out in places and unless replacement parts are easily available, you could be looking at a complete new boiler installation.

Now clearly if the boilers can be repaired, you will save yourself a good deal of money by getting it repaired. However, you may need to consider a new boiler installation. But what are some of the main reasons for a boiler repair or a new boiler installation?

Boiler has an expired warranty

Most modern boilers installed these days will come with a standard manufacturer guarantee that ranges between three and ten years depending on the system you have fitted and who installs it.

The bigger boiler manufacturers in the United Kingdom will have their own installer program, so if you have a new system fitted by one of them, the chances are that you’ll get an extended guarantee. Every guarantee expires eventually and unless you purchase an extension or continuation of this cover, you could be looking at major repair or replacement bills should your boiler installation go wrong.

Difficulty finding spare parts for the boiler

A very common reason for having a new boiler installation is that your current boiler may no longer have spare parts available for a repair, or they may be very difficult to obtain. If the boiler is more than twenty years old, it may be easier and possibly be more financially viable to have a new boiler installation rather than trying to hunt down used or new parts for the existing boiler. Also, the rarity of parts will most likely push up the price you pay for them too.

The new boiler installation hard sell

Some people often feel pressured into having a new boiler installation by unscrupulous fitters or salespeople. Fortunately, the majority of gas engineers or well-known service providers in the boiler industry are honest and display integrity but be aware there are some shady characters out there too.

Always ask to see their gas qualified registration card, seek references from previous customers and get all their contact details to cross check their authenticity.

Above all, ask yourself if you really need a new boiler installed. If your existing boiler is modern, it will probably be A rated for energy efficiency, so unless there are other issues with the boiler, why would you get it replaced.

Older systems will be inefficient compared to newer ones, and it would be in your best interest to look into upgrading to a newer, safer, more efficient boiler.

Regular repairs are very expensive

Older boilers break down and have more system failures as they age. Having a new boiler installation could well work out cheaper than getting regular repairs regularly will probably cost you far more over a period of time than a new boiler installation would.

So, when you consider the cost of parts, the call out fee and the amount of labour time required for the repair, it’s easy to see that some may consider a new boiler installation rather than throwing money at an old boiler.

Should you need your boiler repaired or replaced, please get in touch and we can see what we can do to help. The price for a new boiler installation will not be as much as you think.

Historic Saint Mary’s church in Hitchin

Saint Mary’s church is a lovely place to visit in Hitchin and it really is steeped in history too.

In 792 AD Offa, the King of Mercia founded a Benedictine monastery on the Hitchin site. In 910 the monastery was destroyed by fire and the monks moved to the Abbey at St Albans. The second church, mentioned in the Domesday Book, was partly destroyed by a very strong wind in 1115 and an earthquake in 1298.

The present church situated in Hitchin dates mostly from the 14th and 15th centuries. The church was originally dedicated to Saint Andrew, but came to be known as The Church of St Mary due to the powerful and influential Guild of our Lady founded in the 15th century.

One of the greatest things about this church is it has many very fine roofs and the carvings that are associated with them.

Some highlights of St Mary’s in Hitchin

The 15th century font has significant historical value. The twelve apostles at its base were mutilated by Puritan soldiers during the Civil War.

Above the south door of the church you can see a priest squint, through which the priest could keep an eye on the events in the church below.

There are also some wonderful animal carvings on the front pew desks.

The Angel Screen in St Mary’s is considered one of the finest in the country.  On its eastern side are the fraternity stalls used by the guild of ‘Our Blessed Lady St Mary the virgin’, dating from the middle of the 15th century.

Keep an eye out for the mouse trade mark of the carpenter Thompson of Kilburn in Yorkshire on the end of the altar rail.

The church also contains some family monuments of the Radcliffe’s of Hitchin. The surviving fragments of the medieval glass that once adorned the entire church can be seen in the traceried heads of the east window.

The entrance to the Charnel House was used as a prison by Oliver Cromwell’s men in more turbulent times. The eastern section of the north aisle roof is a splendid example of medieval woodwork and is thought to date from the early 14th century.

As you leave the church by the south porch with its medieval door, the sundial can be seen on the south east corner of the tower. It was placed there in thanksgiving for the restoration of King Charles II.

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