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Vantage Plumbing & Heating offer Power flushing services in Stevenage, Letchworth, Hitchin, Hertford, Ware and Knebworth & other nearby areas. So if you’re looking for someone to install a new smart heating device such as Hive or Nest, or you’re interested in levelling up the performance of your central heating system with power flushing. Get in touch!

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What's a power flush?

A power flush is a process carried out by central heating engineers designed to remove that horrible sludgy build-up in the boiler, pipes and radiators that make up your central heating system. A power flushing unit sends water through your central heating system at high velocity to dislodge any build-up of sludge, rust and other debris that in time, will become detrimental to the smooth and efficient operation of your system.

Much like an oil change on a car, or the regular descaling of your kettle, a maintenance power flush helps to improve the efficiency and lifespan of the boiler and central heating system and prevent inconvenient and very costly breakdowns. As with so many plumbing issues, regular maintenance is the best way to keep your system in tip top condition.

What happens during a power flush and how long does it take?

A powerful machine called a ‘pumping station’ is used by our heating engineers to remove dirty water and the sludgy build-up while introducing clean water. Our engineer may add a chemical to the system to further break down the sludge before the equipment is connected and the flushing process begins in earnest. The power flushing process has several stages and your engineer could possibly take between several hours to the entire day to complete the power flush.

If you consider how much gook and limescale builds up in a simple kettle or steam iron, imagine how much can build up in a central heating system over time. You know when to descale your kettle, as you’ll see the scale and end up with a mouthful of it at the end of your cuppa. Similarly, when your shirts and trousers become stained with unsightly white chalky marks after ironing, you know your iron requires a good flush out and descale.

The central heating system is a closed system and you won’t see the muck that’s accumulating inside your pipes, radiators and boiler until it’s too late, so regular flushing is to be advised. The only time you could see the amount of nasty sludge that’s inside your central heating system is when you bleed the radiators.

We recently visited a property where the owner had a few cold spots in their radiator, so decided to bleed the system. Unfortunately, after the initial hissing of trapped air being expelled from the bleed valve had stopped, a jet of thick, black water shot out, covering their cream-coloured vertical blinds. Sadly, the sludge filled water was not able to be removed from the blind fabric, costing the homeowner dearly.

The power flushing process in three stages

Stage one – following the equipment set-up, our engineer should spend around 90 minutes flushing the whole system, and this will be in both directions, and then they will tackle the sort of sections that often prove challenging until they run clear. Our engineer will work on heavily contaminated radiators separately. We sometimes use a tough pad that’s attached to a hammer action drill, often referred to as an agitator, to help release internal build ups of sludge and other debris.

Stage two – after clearing out the system, the engineer will add a chemical neutraliser and wash it through the entire heating system. Then we check the PH balance to ensure the system is not too acidic, as too much of an acid content can lead to internal corrosion, particularly inside the radiators.

Stage three – our engineer will add a dose of rust and sludge inhibitor fluid to the system. This prevents corrosion and goes some way in preventing sludge from building up inside the central heating system again. Depending on the size and initial condition of the central heating system, as stated above, the complete process has the potential to take all day, but the alternative could take and cost you a whole lot more. So, for regular power flushing maintenance of your central heating system, give Vantage Heating and Plumbing a call today.

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Justin Hutchinson-Chatburn (JCHC)
Justin Hutchinson-Chatburn (JCHC)
We had an emergency - our expansion tank was leaking. I sought out Kai from his 5 star reviews and he didn’t disappoint. He came out the same day and saved our home! Great professional, and a great guy many thanks Kai!
Stephanie Mullings
Stephanie Mullings
Tidy work and done in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend Kai and this company. 👊🏽
Danielle Hicks
Danielle Hicks
Would highly recommend! Very professional and overall pleased with the whole experience from start to finish. Thank you Kai, will definitely be contacting again!
Jamie Geffner
Jamie Geffner
Incredibly competent and professional. Top service, very friendly and helpful! Thank you
Hannah Mackie
Hannah Mackie
Kai was great! We needed someone quite quickly as we were let down by another plumber, he did a great job and seems a lovely guy. Highly recommend. Thank you!
mikey gammons
mikey gammons
I can’t recommend them enough top people and services
Lauren Millward
Lauren Millward
Thanks Kai for fitting our tap. Will defo use again.
I’d happily recommend Kai from Vantage Plumbing & Heating. Our hot water pressure in our house has always been terrible, but Kai installed a booster pump for us and now it’s great. Good communication and also after care!
Greg Knapp
Greg Knapp
Kai is very efficient, responsive and transparent on costs. Fixed our boiler within an hour of calling on the weekend before Christmas. Probably the best service we've had from a tradesman. Takes card payment. Would high recommend Vantage Plumbing

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