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If you have a blocked drain in Hitchin, Stevenage or Letchworth, call Vantage Plumbing and Heating any day, any time. Is a blocked drain preventing you from going about your day to day life? Have you found yourself Googling “How to unblock a drain” hundreds of times? Vantage Plumbing covers all types of drainage issues including toilets, sinks and baths. No matter whether it’s a simple drain unblock, or a more complicated job – we’ll be able to get your drain problems fixed.

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Blocked Drain Repairs

Is a blocked drain preventing you from going about your day to day life? Have you found yourself Googling “How to unblock a drain” hundreds of times? Vantage Plumbing covers all types of drainage issues including toilets, sinks and baths. No matter whether it’s a simple drain unblock, or a more complicated job – we’ll be able to get your drain problems fixed.

Common Reasons for Blocked Drains

Tree roots

Trees and shrubs need water and this is why they often make the most of small cracks in your underground pipework. Once roots have taken a foothold, they will swiftly block your drain and probably cause the cracks to become far bigger and therefore more of a problem. The roots will also catch hold of whatever is flushed or washed down the pipe such as wet wipes, hair and they also make it easier for fat and grease to accumulate. Clearing tree roots from drains is a specialist job that is best left to professional engineers. The clearing process involves CCTV investigation, pressure cleaning and maybe even excavation depending on the extent of the damage caused.

Leaves, twigs and other debris

As well as the threat from roots, leaves and twigs also cause problems for drains. This risk clearly increases in the autumn months or when high winds have caused leaves and twigs to fall from trees. Leaves can take quite a while to break down naturally, leading to blockages in the drains. Fitting an effective cover that prevents leaves from easily getting into drains is a good preventative measure to take.

Fat and grease from the kitchen

Fat and grease are major causes of blocked drains. As they are both waterproof, they do not break down, making it more difficult to clear a blocked drain without professional help. To avoid a fat build up in your drains, never pour fat from frying pans or roasting tins down the sink. It is far better to pour it into a container to harden, then dispose of it in your normal waste. Many people soak up pan fat with a couple of sheets of kitchen paper and then dispose of it in their compost heaps of in the household waste.

Left over food

So many people flush left over food down their toilet, particularly in the summer as they want to avoid having the food hanging around to attract flies, but this is a big mistake. It may be convenient to flush food scraps down the toilet but food waste can build up in your drains over time, leading to some serious blockages. Always dispose of food waste in your food or green waste recycling bins to avoid drain blockages.

Sanitary wet wipes

Whether they are the wipes for the kitchen or from cleaning up the baby, the vast majority are not supposed to be flushed down the toilet and into your drains. Some may be specially formulated to be flushable, but the non flushable wipes don’t break down and can catch onto any rough surface inside your pipework. Just a few of these wipes can cause a major drain blockage.

Long strands of hair

Strands of hair are a major cause of blocked drains. One only has to look at ones hairbrush to see how many can be lost on an average day to see how they could become a problem if flushed into the drains. Any hair should be placed in with your household waste and can actually be composted, breaking down to create a mulch that you can use in your garden.

Soap and shampoo

Over a period of time, soap and shampoo scum and hardened toothpaste can build up to block drains. Liquid soap is far worse than bar soap and tends to create a sticky coating inside the pipes that can attract hairs and other debris. Toothpaste and particularly denture fixative can very quickly block drains, preventing water to drain away easily.

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Our qualified gas boiler installers have the expertise to design a system to your requirements to heat your entire home, both efficiently and safely. We’re gas qualified and City & Guilds qualified, along with tonnes of experience. So you can have the peace of mind that we’ll get the job done correctly for you and your home!

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Daljit Pawar
Daljit Pawar
Very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient
Tom Spanyol
Tom Spanyol
Thanks for getting us sorted and running round to get the parts so the hot water was back on same day. Reliable and great service 👍
Emma Minchell
Emma Minchell
Kia turned up on time and was incredibly professional. We have had a problem with the water temp fluctuating for a while and he came out diagnosed it and fixed it. Can’t recommend him highly enough.
Soozi Kirby
Soozi Kirby
The service I received was excellent. All problems were fixed quickly. Very impressed with Kai!
Seema Sharma
Seema Sharma
Kia was a very professional young man who fixed my blocked sink in no time. I also asked if he could take a look at my kitchen draw which had come of lts hinge and brackets, without any hesitation he fixed that too. A true tradesman
regan cordner
regan cordner
Amazing finish of work and brilliant customer service! Explained everything to me as the job was completed so that I wasn’t left with any questions. Strongly recommend
Shirley Battle
Shirley Battle
I had to have a powe flush done, and I needed it doing urgently. Vantage came out really quickly. They were amazing and I was very grateful they were able to come out so quickly. Would definitely recommend
Excellent service. Quick response. Thanks Kai.
Massive thank you to Kai for resolving a blocked kitchen sink and leaking kitchen waste at short notice, and then an additional visit to replace a leaking tap the following day. All works were quick, efficient and mess free. Excellent comms throughout; helpful, friendly. Costs reasonable and pricing transparent. Thoroughly recommend.
Jessica Norton
Jessica Norton
Excellent service, Kai was very professional and got the job done very quickly. I would recommend to anybody needing a plumber.

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